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If you’ve enjoyed a massage in Madrid, you’ll know the following to be 100% true. The differences in “insider” treatment and “tourist” treatment are massive. While savvy locals can easily find and enjoy the delights of the finest madrid escorts & massages, as a newcomer you are forced to accept tourist level services. What does this mean, exactly? You’re about to discover insider secrets of Madrid massages that will both shock you, and enable you to quickly & safely enjoy massage girls fit for a king.

During my first couple visits to Madrid, I lacked any knowledge of how things worked here, and paid for it in wasted time, frustration, and of course money. Every time I thought I found a new useful tip online it always failed in the end. If you’ve spent any time on the internet looking for information about erotic massage parlours, you know the frustrations involved. Outdated messages, misinformation, and touristy advertisements would inspire me again & again, only to let me down each time. Is there a “massage district” in Madrid? What can I expect to pay for “full services”? How do the operations work here? These are all questions that went unanswered for me at first, and anyone going down that same path has my full respect.

spain massages

Soapy massage parlours have grown increasingly popular in Spain.

Let me start with the good news first. There most definitely is a better way. Can you imagine now having the absolute hottest girls of madrid to choose from? Imagine now these angels doing anything you want them to, again & again and even charging you honest local prices. Can you see picture Thai girls, Russian girls, fulfilling your every wish and teaming up to provide a king’s treatment in the comfort of your own hotel room? I’m about to tell you how I discovered just such a scenario, and how I’m now able to repeat my mind blowing Madrid adventures every time, fast & easy.

When you are visiting Madrid as a foreigner, it’s natural for you to imagine the possibilities around you. Madrid is a world class city with absolutely gorgeous women from all over the world, as I’m sure you’ve noticed! Girls of your dreams all around you, but why is it that newcomers get such shoddy quality & service? There seems to be some kind of wall between you and these dream parlours, and as a newcomer you can finally decide that you’re frustrated enough and will not accept tourist treatment any longer. That’s why the day I met Ronald Peterson was a lucky day for both of us.

Masaje Madrid Guru Reveals All

Ronald Peterson has been living in Madrid since 1995, and has seen the city from many perspectives. A former salesman, Peterson began by struggling just like you in the madrid massage scene. The stories he’s now able to tell about early failures serve as entertaining pub stories, but they proved another purpose. Through early years of failures, Peterson learned the ropes in Madrid so well that these days he’s considered “Mr Red Light” in the community. Ronald is now a sex guide in Madrid, demanding hundreds of euros from his satisfied clients for insider adventures in Madrid’s massage parlours and brothels. Peterson knows the madrid escort & massage scene better than anyone, and in 2009 finally penned an ebook guide on the topic, which empowers you to unimaginable levels of insider success, fast & easy. When it comes to madrid massages, you don’t have agonizing years to spend learning the ropes like Peterson did. You want immediate results now. You want to enjoy Madrid’s finest women, safely & quickly. Inside Ronald’s explosive ebook, you’ll discover that it is definitely available to you, even as a newcomer. Inside his tell-all insiders guide Ronald reveals:

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Private hotel room masseuse in Madrid.

  • Sniff out hottest madrid working girls kept hidden from tourists
  • Drift easy into fair & honest insider prices every time
  • Reap fantasy fulfillment in speakeasy dream parlours
  • Negotiate like a lion with Ronald’s powerful insider phrases
  • Skip past tourist traps & scams with Ronald’s expert guidance

Once you’ve discovered the secrets inside Peterson’s tell-all guide, you’ll share insider knowledge with only the most savvy Madrid journeymen. Can you imagine now the delights available to you once you’re empowered by this explosive material? Can you see yourself referencing Ronald’s tips from your notebook or Blackberry, and enjoying erotic adventures anytime, day or night? Easily & safely, you will not waste any more hours searching for advice from random strangers online. Peterson gives you everything you need to live your dreams with Spanish girls, fast & easy just how you want it. Join this exclusive club now for only €59 Limited Time Offer! €29 Peterson even provides free access to updates for a FULL 6 months when you sign up now! You want fast results. You’re tired of the tourist circus and want to enjoy the insiders delights of Madrid. Click below now and set your Madrid massage experience on fire instantly.

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Updated December 2018!